Leisure activities in Fuvahmulah.



Snorkelling is one of the most exciting and must do things in the Maldives. Explore the colourful aquamarine landscapes around you. Enjoy what nature has to offer with marine life surrounding the reef, catch eels, blacktip reef sharks and different species of fishes swimming along the coast of the lagoon.


Set your hands on a fishing rod for big game fishing. You do not need to be a professional to get that prized catch, allow our experienced boat crew to find the best locations and to assist you with equipment. You can try your hand at trawling to catch a Wahoo or Blue Marlin. For the less adventurous who have had enough sun rays for the day, a good option is a 2-hr sunset fishing trip which sets off at 5pm on a Dhoni. All catches can be cooked immediately for lunch or dinner by our Chef's upon returning to the hotel to ensure freshness. Charges apply.

Nature Trail

Lace-up those walking or jogging shoes and embark on a journey of discovery – you’ll encounter a rich melange of tropical flora and learn about how the locals have found uses for each plant. Alternatively, rent our island mountain bikes and explore the 4.5km stretch of island and explore all our island has to offer and soak in the sun and nature.


Explore our expansive island on foot or on mountain bikes, enjoy our lakes and nature trails and beaches which spans the whole island and at the same time improves your fitness. Please check with the front office for a pair of bicycles. Daily charges apply.

Tiger Shark Diving

The unique location of the island makes Fuvahmulah one of the best diving destination in the world. Fuvahmulah is a rock in the middle of the ocean, which plays the role of a huge cleaning station and mating place for big pelagic like Black Oceanic Manta Birostrics, Mola Mola, Pilot whales. Fuvahmulah has the ultimate set of sharks which can be seen all year round: Tiger Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Hammerheads, Silvertip, Whale shark, Grey reef, White tip. Big schools of Barracudas; Yellow-Fin Tuna, Bonitos, Sailfishes, Marlins and millions of reef fish surround the local reef daily. Last El Nino, which badly affected the coral reefs in the Maldivian islands and around the world, didn’t affect Fuvahmulah, we still can enjoy the beauty of coral gardens. The quality of diving isn't affected by seasonal changes, as happens on the rest of the Maldivian atolls. Diving here is always unique and challenging the whole year through. There are more than 15 diving spots around the island, which have a lot of potential for underwater research.